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Your Manual to Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures


Are you struggling to relieve neck and back pain to no avail? When conservative treatments don’t work, minimally invasive spine procedures may provide relief.

Pain felt in your feet, legs, back, shoulders, and neck may originate from your spine. The pain could be present while you sit, walk, or exert yourself. It may be dull, jolting, or even stabbing. However the pain presents itself, it minimizes the quality of your life.



Part of the lamina of the vertebral arch is removed, relieving pressure in the vertebral canal and minimizing pain.

Don’t Spend Another Minute in Pain


This procedure removes part of the lamina of a vertebral arch in order to relieve pressure in the vertebral canal. 

With minimally invasive spinal procedures, you will see the large difference a small incision can make in your life. Contact our caring representatives to learn more.

Incisions are 1 Inch or Smaller


Laser Spine Procedures

Incision ¼ inch or smaller

Outpatient procedure – you go home the same day

DAYS – not weeks of recovery

Medicare and insurance accepted


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Incisions 1 inch or smaller

Outpatient procedure – you go home the same day

Get back to normal activities in weeks, not months

Medicare and insurance accepted


Other Clinics

Large incision of at least 6 inches

Inpatient procedure, requiring at least one night hospital stay

Months of recovery

Preauthorization by Medicare and insurance